Geodeg allows you to create and download your own world places collection free of charge.
- Multiple GPS POI formats
- Custom POI adding
- 20 million places
- 3 million descriptions
- 237 countries
- 101 languages

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Pizza poi in Denmark|Explosives poi in Philippines|Pizza poi in Dominican_Republic|Buza poi in Romania|Farm poi|Naples Fl poi|Atm poi in Indonesia|Esso poi|сосновский poi in Ukraine|Massage poi in Indonesia|Einkaufszentrum poi in Germany|Mosque At Bandung poi in Indonesia|Museum poi in Greece|Vologda Шонга poi in Russia|Co Op poi|Ollies poi in USA|Welcome Center poi in USA|Reykjavik poi|Kaohsiung poi in Taiwan|Gas Station Michoacan poi in Mexico|Aeroport poi in Algeria|Baskortostan ĐšĐ Ń Đ Đ Đ ĐµĐ ŃŚ poi in Russia|Netto poi in Germany|Chuvasija Village poi in Russia|Borracharia Goiânia poi in Brazil|Petrol poi in Poland|New York City poi in USA|Highways poi in Egypt|Gujar Khan poi in Pakistan|Universal Studios Parking poi in USA|Icici poi|Bandar Abbas poi|Wiesbaden poi in Germany|Praia poi|Electronic Store poi|Samara Новодевичье poi in Russia|Zebrene poi|Sugar Factory poi in Philippines|Sugar Factory poi in Mexico|Sugar Factory poi in Italy|Mc Donalds Florida poi in USA|Car Park poi in United_Kingdom|Circle poi in Syria|Dia poi in Spain|Hotel Motel poi|Rs Margo Husodo Wonogiri poi in Indonesia|Elementary poi|Hoteles Mexico poi|Макеевка poi in Ukraine|Kurgan à à Ã à µÃ Ã Ã Ã Ã Ã Ã Ã Ã Ã Ã à ºÃ Ã à µ poi in Russia|

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